Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting is a complex and critical business necessity in providing strategic planning, continuity and growth to an organisation. Mondelio’s collaborative budgeting & forecasting solution streamlines and automates this process removing the pain from the spreadsheet “science project”.

Mondelio’s Budgeting & Forecasting solution empowers decision-makers to make better and faster decisions through Labour Integration.

  • Single integrated model of the business from detailed operations to Cash Flow and Balance Sheet
  • Streamline the painful budget and forecasting processes
  • Increase collaboration, visibility and understanding across the organisation
  • Import and analyse Actuals for forecasting / re-forecasting
  • Comparison of multiple years of history together with variance percentages
  • Strategic planning of future years
  • The Mondelio Difference
  • Mondelio facilitates personnel at all levels of the organisation to enter into one central system, detailed forecast data on all information for the generation of a realistic, consistent bottom up budget. Details include sales quantity and price expectations, staffing levels, wage and salary rates, overhead costs.

Mondelio’s budgeting and forecasting solution provides for a ‘single point’ of entry for all ‘Global Variables’ including exchange rates, inflation rates, tax and insurance rates, and forecast wage and salary increases. This ensures assumptions on these critical factors are applied accurately and consistently throughout the organisation. An intuitive user interface provides ease of adoption across the organisation together with inbuilt rich graphical reporting.

Our budgeting software tracks the process of budget preparation, allows generation of multiple ‘What If’ scenarios, provides for top-down adjustments and handles the difficult areas of depreciation, amortisation, capital expenditure and personnel forecasting with ease. Mondelio provides a single, integrated solution for iterative budgeting and forecasting, centralising rules and business processes.

  • Flexibility for multiple time dimensions
  • Create & store unlimited “What-If” scenarios
  • Copy existing scenarios with complete structures & data
  • View & compare to current year ‘frozen’ budget
  • Import periodic Actuals automatically
  • Analyse Actuals for re-forecasting
  • Set automatic re-forecast from pre-defined rules
  • Perform comparative analysis throughout
  • Compare multiple years of history together with variance percentages
  • Strategic planning of future years
Proven Results

Through our comprehensive Budgeting Solution, Mondelio clients have found the dreaded ‘budget time’ has been transformed from a period of stress and complexity into a straightforward, streamlined process. Budgets that used to take weeks to complete, now only take hours. The result is a consistent, reliable forecast of expected outcomes, and a set of valuable Key Performance Indicators.

Our clients’ experience is that the return on investment from a Mondelio solution is almost always achieved in under twelve months and sometimes in as little as three months. Your organisation’s human resources can utilise time proactively, thereby increasing overall performance, job satisfaction and revenue.