Capital Expenditure

Mondelio’s Capital Expenditure (Capex) Module facilitates the request, workflow and approval of all capital expenditures items across all levels of the organisation. The Module provides for sustaining capital expenditure through to the significant IT investment, machinery purchase and warehouse automation (where required, through to full discounted Cash Flow evaluations).

The Capex request is routed through the automated workflow for the Approval process. Once approved, Mondelio automatically transfers the cost to the CashFlow and Balance Sheet and the Depreciation through to the relevant Cost Centre’s Profit & Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet.


Loan Management

The Mondelio solution can be configured to remove the complexity of interest calculations and loan repayments whether your organisation is the lessee, lessor or both.

Mondelio will calculate the loan repayments, interest and loan balance for any type of loan:

  • Principal only
  • Principal and Interest
  • Interest only

Link the loan to a different interest rate class, or change the loan type and the loan will instantly update to show the impacts over the life of the loan.

Forecasted interest rates are entered against interest rate classes.