Corporate Consolidation

Mondelio’s inbuilt consolidation functionality carries out Corporate Consolidations and Aggregations of any size and level of complexity with complete accuracy and at extraordinary speed providing “real time” consolidation.

Real Time Consolidation

Mondelio’s inbuilt consolidation functionality is an integral part of the Mondelio implementation with its flexibility, power and proven, highly cost effective alternative to single function consolidation solutions. Mondelio provides real time consolidation to the business intelligence cube for ‘slice & dice’ analytics and reporting.

  • Mondelio seamlessly integrates with all enterprise applications to access data, convert data to form a single account structure and currency, then consolidate through multiple levels to provide comprehensive automated reports at any level of aggregation.
  • Mondelio handles part ownership, complex interlinked ownership structures, and elimination of inter-company and intra-company charges and revenues, as required. Allocations and pro-rations, based on fixed or variable proportions are carried out automatically and circular allocations are straightforward. Dividend imputation and complex taxation effects are also handled with ease.
  • The Mondelio Enterprise Consolidation engine consolidates Quantity and Money amounts through any number of levels and dimensions, and recalculates all ratios, weighted average prices/unit costs and percentages correctly at all levels of aggregation.
  • The corporate consolidation structure can be effortlessly changed at any time, with addition and deletion of entities, levels, or proportions and movement of entities within the aggregation hierarchy.
  • Multiple scenarios, with different structural information or ownership proportions can be rapidly consolidated and compared.