Corporate Modelling

In today’s environment of increasing governance, senior management and Boards are required to produce more detailed budgets, forecasts, performance and financial information.

Because every organisation is unique, clearly defining a single corporate financial Model of the entire organisation is complex. Financial Modelling in manual & decentralised systems (including spreadsheets), across multiple departments, is challenging, resource & time consuming and costly. The result is limited reliability in consistency and accuracy of the information.

The Mondelio architecture has been designed specifically as a modelling solution for flexible and robust corporate financial modelling. As time is the crucial dimension in modelling which drives the entire corporate model, Mondelio's inherent understanding of the special nature of the time dimension make the complex simple.

The Mondelio Solution incorporates comprehensive Financial Modelling, Budgeting, Continuous Forecasting and Strategic Planning / Analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting.

Managers are fully informed about performance to date, variations in foracasts and the consequences of changes in the business environment as they occur.

Streamlined management and statutory reporting are seamlessly integrated with organisational requirements automatically updating both historic and projected:

  • Reduction in time and resources to create reports, reduction in manual entry ensuring accuracy.
  • A comprehensive Corporate Model allows decision-makers to better understand, develop risk management strategies and plan contingencies for the inevitable effects of changing circumstances on the enterprise. The timing and impact of disasters / disruptions may be unpredictable, however, flexible modelling can assist with the organisation’s responses to:
    • Man-made disasters – Terrorist Attacks, War
    • Natural Disasters - The SARS outbreak, Tsunami
    • World wide Political and Economic changes
    • Strategic Initiatives
    • Competitor Initiatives
    • Interest & Exchange Rate fluctuations

Obtain the answers without a “science project”, through the Mondelio Solution. Empower the enterprise to create and analyse multiple “‘What If” scenarios and formulate strategies to optimise corporate performance and minimise loss whilst achieving and maintaining compliance with governance.

In today’s environment of increasing governance and compliance regulations, organisations need the ability to access business critical data to make decisions on corporate direction together with the flexibility to drive the changes throughout the organisation smoothly and uniformly. The Mondelio solution provides a single consolidated view of the organisation’s complete financial and corporate performance landscape. Decision makers are provided with a clear map of the current corporate environment to overlay new compliance requirements and implement appropriate strategies. Mondelio’s centralised workflow, business rules and processes simplify communication and adoption throughout the organisation.

Compliance with regulatory mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley or IFRS, requires not only financial compliance and minimising corporate risk exposure, but greater integrity in financial reporting. Mondelio’s standard reports together with its ad-hoc report writer ensures streamlined accurate executive and regulatory reporting.

The Mondelio solution will enable your company to simply model all areas of the organisation and consolidate swiftly within one corporate model, taking business performance management to the next step. Anything that can be modelled in any form can be incorporated in a Mondelio solution. This fully integrated approach facilitates automatic flow through of changes in any part of a solution without any manual effort or risk of missing links.