Financial Institutions

One size doesn’t always fit all, financial services firms are not all the same, but the issues facing your industry are shared.

  • Competition from a growing market of alternative banking options
  • Increased commoditisation and strain on margins
  • Relentless compliance and regulatory demands

To address these industry demands, Mondelio Worldwide has combined their knowledge of the financial services industry with world leading software solutions, to introduce Mondelio MiFinance.

Mondelio MiFinance is a business solution developed with the premise that in order to remain successful, all financial services firms must adopt new strategies to improve competitive differentiation, sustain revenue growth and deliver high customer satisfaction.

These strategies are underpinned by enabling technologies and systems, such as Mondelio for Finance:
  • Business Process Systems – Budgeting & Forecasting, Long-Range Planning, Consolidation
  • Management Reporting – ‘What if’ Scenarios, Corporate Modelling, KPI’s Reporting/ Benchmarking
  • Analytics – Strategic Planning/Analysis, OLAP/Business Intelligence
Why Choose Mondelio MiFinance?
  • In-built specific industry and business processes
    • Don’t build business processes from scratch. The Mondelio MiFinance solution has a range of industry best practice, workflows and business processes designed for the financial services industry.
  • Flexible, Scalable Architecture
    • All Mondelio solutions are built on the Microsoft framework. Each has a flexible, customisation toolbox to individualise the Mondelio MiFinance solution to meet your exact needs. Add your unique business processes to the out-of-box solution and you will reinforce your competitive differentiators.
  • Rapid implementations and lower cost of ownership
    • Each Mondelio consultant has an average of 10 years experience in delivering CPM implementations. Our project methodologies and implementation processes ensure we deliver projects to fit your timeframe and budget. Our support services and support centre will continue to impress with their responsiveness and professionalism long after your site is implemented.
    • Also the Mondelio solution has the smallest database memory consumption of a large scale CPM or reporting solution
Existing Financial Services customers use Mondelio for Financial Services for:
  • Margin Modelling by Financial Product or Service by Defined Entity
  • Proposed Capital Expenditure with an Approval Process before Transfer to Balance Sheet and Ongoing
  • Depreciation Calculations to the Profit and Loss
  • Personnel Expense Modelling at the Individual Level with Specific Security Levels to Protect Sensitive Information
  • Reallocation of cost to Individual entities based on an organisation’s Defined Rules