Health Service providers are not all the same, but the issues facing your industry are shared.

The Healthcare industry in Australia operates in a rapidly changing environment. The impact of government policy, quality of care, consolidation (in the private sector) and cost pressures are just some of the factors impacting the performance of the Healthcare sector. Mondelio’s Business Planning & Reporting Solution comprises specific financial and operational modules to address this volatile environment. The Mondelio Solution covers all aspects of Healthcare operations integrating historical information from internal systems administering:

  • ERP / General Ledger
  • Payroll/HR
  • Patient Management
  • Asset Register
  • Other Operations

To address these industry demands, Mondelio Worldwide has combined our gained knowledge of the Health Services industry with world leading software solutions, to deliver Mondelio MiHealth.

Why Choose Mondelio’s MiHealth?

In-built specific industry and business processes - Don’t build business processes from scratch. The Mondelio Worldwide Health solution has built in best practice, workflows and business processes designed for the health services industry.

Flexible, Scalable Architecture - All Mondelio solutions are built on the Microsoft framework. Each has a flexible, customisation toolbox to individualise the Mondelio Health solution to meet your exact needs. Add your unique business processes to the out-of-box solution and you will reinforce your competitive differentiators.

Rapid implementations and lower cost of ownership - Mondelio Worldwide has over 25 years’ experience in delivering software solution implementations. Our project methodologies and implementation processes ensure we deliver projects to fit your timeline, budget and expectations. Our support services and dedicated support centre will continue to impress you long after your site is implemented.

Mondelio Worldwide and the Health Services Industry - a formidable PartnershipMondelio Worldwide is dedicated to delivering intelligent solutions with old-fashioned service. All Mondelio consultants have a broad understanding of accounting requirements and with offices across the region, Mondelio has long-term credibility in delivering software implementations that meet both market needs and individual customer expectations. It is the quality of the consulting team and a proven delivery methodology that ensure consistent project delivery for every implementation.

To be successful, Mondelio has brought together an internal skill set of Microsoft developers, application consultants and market research to ensure Mondelio MiHealth is both market appropriate and functionally rich.

Health Services Clients use Mondelio MiHealth for:

Revenue modelling which is flexible, robust and fast. Extrapolate admissions by Doctor based on the last 12 months of activity. The historic data of admissions and revenue per patient day are analysed by admission class, fund groups, doctors by speciality and overnight or same day, ready to be projected into the future to drive the patient days and revenue budget.

Detailed Labour modelling which allows inputs in nine key dimensions of data. Identify which labour oncosts lead to non-productive time, and which are included in super and the model will quickly adjust the calculations producing accurate results.

Mondelio ETL which allows inputs from the key finance systems: the Patient Management System, payroll, and the general ledger. Start with an accurate picture of the current situation and then add increases to derive a realistic bottom line based on real live assumptions.

Profit and Loss modelling which uses the patient days from the Revenue module to derive the patient related costs. Mondelio calculates the medical costs per patient day from the last 12 months of actuals allowing extrapolation into the future. Fixed costs can also quickly be forecast based on recent actuals. The result is an accurate budget in a short amount of time.

Capital modelling and Loan modelling allowing these two components to be reviewed individually in detail and then consolidated into the profit and loss.

Scenario planning and advanced audit capabilities which are present in all Mondelio applications. If economic conditions change rapidly Mondelio is capable of allowing you to quickly adjust key assumptions and produce an accurate alternative budget or forecast. Audit capabilities allow secure data input and tracking of changes.