Labour Modelling

Labour is often an organisation's single largest controllable cost, Mondelio's detailed Labour Modelling module provides flexible and powerful functionality to budget, forecast and strategically plan the labour force from the corporate level down through to the individual cost centre level.

Model and centrally manage:
  • A combination of employees and/or positions
  • Permanent and casual employees
  • Penalties, overtime rates and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements
Automatically modelling of all oncosts including:
  • Long Service Leave
  • Payroll Tax by State
  • Worker's Compensation by State
  • Superannuation including company schemes
  • Create and manage KPI's for labour together with benchmarks of key ratios
Conduct 'what-if' analysis to project impacts on labour resources, for example:
  • Growth - plan to introduce 25 new products in the next 12 months
  • Downsize - selling a complete division or planning redundancies
Model through to the benchmarking of:
  • Labour to Sales
  • Labour to different factories
  • Other Labour Key Performance Indicators