Production and Sales Planning

Mondelio Production & Sales Forecast module facilitates integration of sales projections with manufacturing and procurement. As with all areas of the Mondelio Solution, the Forecast can be effortlessly tailored to meet any specific requirements of an organisation.


Mondelio Production Forecast module allows managers in these areas to realise the following benefits:

  • model future sales by product lines/groups in light of historical trends, known seasonality, planned marketing campaigns, competitor activities and other environmental factors
  • forecast the consequences, in terms of required purchasing or manufacturing volumes, stock levels, and transport/warehousing logistics, of these sales forecast
  • be empowered to model the 80 / 20 rule to decide the most important customers and / or market segments that need to be budgeted individually
  • integrate directly with your ERP system, to extract actual data, and transfer back forecast figures for appropriate processing
  • compare outcomes to forecast in real time, and rapidly adjust strategies as necessary
  • calculate the revenue, direct cost, overheads and cash flow projections which flow from the sales forecast
  • incorporate comprehensive audit trails and flexible work flow controls
  • apply Top-Down and Bottom-Up methodologies
  • view additions to forecast of new product lines imported automatically from the GL or Product system
  • create “What-If” analysis for additional potential product lines and view results
  • close the gap between business, the market and sales targets
  • align production forecasts and sales
  • continually analyse and report on performance
  • collaborate, share and publish information easily throughout the organisation