Corporate Performance

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Budgeting, forecasting and business modelling can be a complex but critical business necessity. The Mondelio solution streamlines and automates this process by integrating various data sources and removing manual processes. Mondelio’s inbuilt consolidation functionality is an integral part of the implementation with its flexibility, power and proven, highly cost-effective alternative to single function consolidation solutions. The Mondelio solution provides intuitive user interfaces allowing for the straightforward creation and management of complex financial models. Mondelio forms a construct for future models in conjunction with business drivers and ratios providing a window into the future performance of the organisation. As such, new financial and corporate models may be created quickly without specialised expertise.

BI and Data Analytics

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Mondelio has partnered with Sisense to provide business intelligence and data analytic solutions for our clients. Sisense takes a radically different approach to business analytics. Insights should be easily accessible to everyone, everywhere regardless of technical ability. The solution simplifies every step of the data analytics process for all users – from data preparation to delivery of insights. The Sisense solution pairs innovation with an obsession for customer success, enabling both start-ups and global brands to instantly reveal insights from complex data.

Data Accuracy Platform

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Mondelio has partnered with Naveego to provide data accuracy platform to our clients. The Naveego platform fixes data accuracy problems by monitoring and verifying data in batch mode or real-time. This produces actionable business information accessible for decision-makers in a consolidated central portal that reveals overall impacts of data problems acrossan organisation and manages data clean-up. This is especially useful where the same records reside on a number of disparate systems and are updated without control, leading to inaccuracies.