Reporting and Analysis

Instant access to information is essential for all executives and business managers. Reporting delivers the “output” for all future and strategic corporate performance information. Experience the Mondelio difference through Mondelio’s comprehensive reporting solution.

Why Mondelio Reporting?

All Encompassing

Mondelio Reporting is a core component of the Mondelio Solution, and can draw information from other disparate applications across the organisation for complete reporting.

Creating charts and graphs can help track results and display information in an easily understood format. These allow decision-makers to focus on areas of importance and easily understand and interpret relevant data.

Comprehensive Reporting

The Mondelio Solution incorporates powerful standard reports displaying information in both tabulated and chart formats. Reports include day-to-day information distribution through to Board and disclosure requirements. With over 25 years experience in delivering corporate reporting solutions, Mondelio has created a powerful Reports Library.


  • Variances - between time, variances and cost centres
  • Consolidations and analysis
  • Self-balancing projected balance sheets
  • Cash flow and Corporate profit and loss statements
  • Design your own reports! All Mondelio reports are tailored to meet the individual organisation's requirements

Mondelio provides a superior and seamlessly integrated solution. Empower decision-makers to make better and faster decisions through:

  • Collaboration of enterprise-wide data systems
  • Central visibility
  • Decreased time to Analysis & Answer
  • Increased Accuracy & Reliance of Reports
  • Enterprise empowerment
  • Query and Analysis
  • Dig deeper into your business to uncover the underlying drivers of your data

When you need answers to question such as:

"Why is Marketing over budget?"

"Where can expenditure be minimised?"

The power of analytics is no longer limited to a few analysts within the organisation. With the Query & Analysis solution, decision makers have clear visibility into what is happening, and why, without spending endless hours wading through huge quantities of data.


The value of information is in how quickly it facilitates the ability to turn information into action.

Eliminate the "Science Project":

  • Identify trends
  • Explore data
  • Pinpoint corporate performance drivers

Each Dashboard is designed specifically to deliver the individual users the information they require, in the format they desire. Design colour-coded graphs, tables, alerts, KPIs and reports to identify information instantly.

Ad-hoc Reporting and Publications

Create Reports – easily create, customise and distribute information in any format from Management reports, sales volumes, project status, and competitor activity-in tables, charts, spreadsheets.

Integrate Publications - Combine data with commentary and graphics to create a polished, printed documents, such as an annual report, board meeting packet or newsletter.