Strategic Analysis

"What-If" Analysis

The Mondelio solution provides intuitive user interfaces allowing for the straightforward creation and management of complex financial models. Existing models will form precedents for developing future models, with Mondelio providing the capability to copy not only the model, but its structures and rules to streamline “What-If” analyses. As such, new financial and corporate models may be created quickly without specialised expertise required.

Mondelio provides no limit to the number of “What-If” scenarios that may be generated by each user. With the ease of building, copying and comparing multiple scenarios, variance analysis identifying trends and directions becomes simple and fast.

  • Strategic Planning made easy!
  • Explore the alternatives before implementation
  • Understand the risks to create proactive management
  • Realise improved performance through identifying, testing and adopting the right strategies
  • Model rapid changes across the organisation and ascertain implications fast
  • Have control to steer the corporation in the right direction