Naveego adds new capabilities for non-technical users to Data Accuracy Platform

Published : 20/08/2019

Naveego also now uses machine learning to add the ability to profile data at the edge without having to transfer it.

Katie Horvath, Naveego’s CEO Katie Horvath, Naveego’s CEO

Naveego, which makes cloud-based Data Quality Solutions that detect and eliminate data quality issues across systems, has announced the next generation of their Data Accuracy Platform, It adds self-service Master Data Management [MDM], and an enhanced Golden-Record-as-a-Service (GRaaS) for non-technical business users.

“This is a major release of the platform, following last’s October’s major release, which repositioned and rearchitected the platform to enable Big Data,” said Katie Horvath, Naveego’s CEO. Horvath took over the 2014 startup a year ago, with founder and original CEO Derek Smith moving to the CTO role.